Dissatisfaction makes me strive for excellence

I recently realized that many things I give my energy to that bring meaning to my life I wouldn’t do if I were completely and utterly content. Thus I have become grateful for my dissatisfaction, because it makes me strive for more, more personal growth, more creativity, more productivity, more images.

Today I was working on the image layout for a new product I will be launching soon. Its a set of blocks, and I wanted images on it that related to each of the 4 seasons, as there are 4 4″x6″ sides. I chose 4 images, but I wasn’t happy at all (dissatisfied!) with summer. I changed the image I chose, but then I had 3 images looking up at trees, and one image looking down at water. At which point I realized with amazement, that out of all my tree images, all my tree fractals, I did not have a single color fractal looking up a tree in the summertime. So I took a trip down memory lane.

Buried in my Nikon D80 files was a photoshoot of Watson Mill Park in June of 09. I knew there were some good water pictures in there, but did I have trees? Opening it, I found trees galore. I am awed and astounded by these trees. I had even edited one image already. However, I chose a different one to start with, and here is the initial result:

Summer Tree 1 by Beth Thompson

I wasn’t satisfied. The trunk looked weird to me. So I rearranged the layers to come up with this:

Summer Tree 2 by Beth Thompson

Much, much better. However, I still wasn’t satisfied, and just to push it further, I decided to go with my initial instinct from way back in 2009, and make a fractal out of the image I had already edited. Ending up with:

Summer Tree 3 by Beth Thompson

My favorite of the 3. The outer branches create the implication of an oval, and the sky isn’t totally blown out and white, there is a hint of blue. And it has that cathedral quality that I am getting good at creating. This one will be gracing the new product when it’s complete.

I left to meet with a friend, and upon returning, opened up my image browser to pick out 2 black and white fractals for the inside blocks. However, the window that came up was still on these images from June of ’09. I was caught, totally and utterly, by them, perhaps I am simply longing for summer. I am also now dating the man I was with when I took them, so it is a tender sort of labor of love to work with these images now.

The image below struck me. I had to lighten up the shadows for the full effect, but there is so much going on. The motion of the rushing water, the static of the roots and trees on the bank, the lush green of summer, and the discarded flip-flops on a rock in the stream. I almost didn’t want to fractalize it, because I knew in so doing the flip-flops would be lost. So I am showing you the original image here.

Watson Mill Park, June '09, #79 by Beth Thompson

Since my fractal images can be printed 20″ x 30″ and larger, I decided to go ahead and fractalize it. Some lucky soul may want to purchase the large print, and will be delighted at the small detail of a pink flip-flop once they hang it on their wall.

Watson Mill Roots Fractal by Beth Thompson

So my dissatisfaction with my fractals of summer led to me creating 3 new fractals and working with images over a year old today. It also led to me discovering an image, powerful in its own right, and playing around with it as a fractal as well. That’s a lot to be grateful for, all because I was mildly dissatisfied!

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  1. Thanks for the post I actually learned something from it. Very good content on this site Always looking forward to new post.

  2. milton says:

    Hi Beth,

    I really like you photo-art.

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