8 of Wands

Eight of Wands by Beth Thompson

From the suit representing fire, the Eight of Wands relates to my passions, desires, the things that drive me. It is helpful for me to look at the word desire. Am I talking about hedonistic indulgences or something deeper? For me, desire is a driving force. I can desire the hedonistic pleasures, such as a huge bowl of kettle cooked popcorn each evening with my novel, but the desires that bring meaning to my life are far more than indulgences. (Not that a bowl of popcorn and a novel don’t bring meaning to a long day of work!) Desires such as: my desire to be successful as an artist; my desire to grow spiritually; my desire to create time to create.  My desire to do these things makes me willing to take action on them.

Esther Hicks in the Teachings of Abraham talks about “rockets of desire”. That each time we look at something and desire it, we send out a rocket of desire to the Universe, which, in its turn, rearranges itself to meet that desire. So it is that thoughts become things.  It’s perhaps a bit more complex than that, because thoughts begat emotions, which begat actions which in turn begat thoughts. However, to me desire is the matrix that underlies that entire cycle. In fact, I can, for a moment, step outside that entire cycle of thinking-feeling-acting by simply asking myself: What is it that I truly desire? And being open to the answer, whatever that may be.

While passion and desire have an entire suit devoted to them, there is only one 8 in the suit. The number 8 is 4 doubled, and 4 represents a secure foundation, so in 8 a roof is added. This is a very high level of harmony and balance. It also indicates a structure, a secure and balanced structure. So when I am drawn to the 8 of Wands, it indicates I have a structure in place from which to realize my desires. It may be a structure to act from, or it may be a structure that, like a dream catcher, catches my desires and filters them to me, or the structure may be a container. The nice thing about a well-built structure is that once its in place, it takes care of itself. In other words, the work was in creating the structure, not in continually forcing it to function. Function is built into it. Once I put a roof on my house, I don’t have to do anything else to keep it catching the rain.

Working with tarot cards creates questions. Here are some journal prompts to work with on the Eight of Wands.
What are my passions?
What do I desire?
What desires drive my actions? My thoughts? My emotions?
Do I have a secure foundation to build upon in realizing my desires?
Have I created a structure for realizing my desires? What functions are built into it?

*Suggestions for journal prompts (some borrowed from Jennifer Louden)*
Copy them into a word processing program and answer them, then share your answers in a comment on my website.
Write them down and answer them in your journal by hand
Collage your answers in a visual journal
Use movement to answer each question

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