Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords by Beth Thompson

Ace of Swords
First breath
Beginnings of the moment
In time
Breathing into the moment
Of time
Releasing the breath
Passing to the next thought
Breathe in to
The thought that follows,
Then let it go.
Relating to our bodies,
Releasing us from our mind’s control,
In and out
Giving and taking,
All around us.
Reverberating with sound,
Seed of air,
We begin with inhalation
We end with exhalation
And begin again.
Air sustaining
Within and without.
To connect with air,
To begin,
We only need
To take our breath.

The suit of Swords relates to the element air, and the mental, or thinking, parts of the psyche. The Ace of the suit represents beginnings. I like to call it awareness. So the Ace of Swords represents awareness of air. Because the air can only be noticed in the Now, awareness of air is awareness of the present. When I fall into thoughts of the past or future my awareness of air subsides.  By becoming aware of those thoughts, I can return my awareness to the present moment. Magically, the air itself remains always present; it is only I who travel through time, leaving my awareness of the air, and the present, behind.

I also like to think of the Ace as a seed. A seed contains the blueprint for an entire tree. So awareness of the air contains the blueprint for mastery of air and the thinking mind. However, other ingredients are needed for a seed to become a tree, such as soil, water and light. So the other four elements, earth, water, and fire, are needed to for awareness of air, and of thoughts, to become mastery of air and of thoughts.

Traditionally, the suit of Swords deals with the politics of the current times. Thus I have chosen the city-scapes of America to illustrate the cards. Some of the images were taken of and during political marches. The image of New York City on the Ace of Swords was taken during a political march there. However, since the United States, with much of its power concentrated in teaming metropolises, has shaped so much of the world and the economies of the world, I feel it appropriate to illustrate American cities on the cards.

Journal Prompts

How often do I notice my breath?

If I took the time to focus on my breathing what would happen?

The element air relates to the mind and the intellect, how do my breath and my mind interact? How are thoughts and the air related?

Aces are about beginnings and swords about the intellect; what thoughts am I bringing my awareness to?

The suit of swords relates to current events in our world. What current events am I bringing my awareness to?

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