Got Gratitude?

“When brimming with gratitude, one’s heartbeat must surely result in outgoing love, the finest emotion we can ever know”-Language of the Heart, p. 271

Winter Sky Grass Tree Fractal Photo by Beth Thompson

Winter Sky Grass Tree Fractal Photo by Beth Thompson

I start each morning with a gratitude list, at the end of my morning pages. But it becomes rote, I write stuff down without thinking about it. Like, “I’m grateful I woke up on time” on my day off. ????  On time for what? It’s my day off!

So today, when all of the United States is celebrating Thanksgiving, and I am killing time until I start making broccoli and cheese casserole and apple guacamole, and I am fully awake, I thought I might make a gratitude list.

1. I’m alive another day! Life is a blessing, when I stop to think about it.

2. Shelter, electricity, running water, clothes, food, all my most basic needs are met.

3. Books! I can read! Literacy!  I have a wealth of information and entertainment in my home. And if its not here: The Library!!!

4. Writing. My mastery and joy in the English language.

5. My computer and what I can do with it, blogging, creating abstract art, balancing my checkbook, getting deals in my email for all my favorite stores, coordinating visits with friends and loved ones.

Possible Place 6016: Dry Falls, Highlands, NC by Beth Thompson

Possible Place 6016: Dry Falls, Highlands, NC by Beth Thompson

6. My camera and my mastery of photography. The incredible zen of photography when it seems the camera is an extension of my body, naturally responding to my environment. And its possible because I am of sound body and mind too, I can walk, hike, crouch, squat, lift, turn, press the shutter button.

Autumn Kissing Tree by Beth Thompson

Autumn Kissing Tree by Beth Thompson

7. My puppy dog Luna. A dog will get you through times of no man better than a man will get you through times of no dog. In addition to falling asleep with her head on my stomach, she makes me laugh daily.

Luna and Beth: Self Portrait by Beth Thompson

Luna and Beth: Self Portrait by Beth Thompson

8. My relationships, too many to list, but especially Suzanne, Denise, Christie, Mom, Dad, Joy, my grandparents Betty and Roy, Angie, James, Helen, Cate, Linda, Carol, Elizabeth, I could go on and on and on. And the folks at work, Shauna, Burns, and Holly, my work family.

9. A job in this economy, and one that actually uses my talents in photography and digital media! That I enjoy more days than not. (You have not truly lived until you’ve worked at a major retailer during the Christmas Season….)

10. The sense I have of great possibilities opening up just around the corner, perhaps its simply an optimistic outlook, or a result of making this list, but it feels good!

Got Gratitude? Tell me about it in the comments section!

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One Response to Got Gratitude?

  1. Lee Manspeaker says:

    Having lived many more years than I thought I would, I try to appreciate each and every one as a gift from God. When one has faced death and walked away, one cannot help but take a day and give it the best one has. I am ever grateful.
    Your photography must have given you an insight into the wonders of this world – you must see things others do not see and capture those delights for all to enjoy.
    Thank you for thinking of me.
    Have the most blessed of Holidays.
    lee m

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