Overwhelm and Pushing through

I slept 14 hours last night, and woke up today with the idea that I would make some art. However, I still felt tired and just the thought of making art or writing a blog post or getting a jump on next year’s project (details to come soon!) made me feel even more tired and even a bit overwhelmed.
Well, I thought back to yesterday, when I came into the one hour photo lab where I work, and had 950 prints due out by 10, 4 pallets of customer orders to be organized and labeled, and a mid-shift person who didn’t show. I hit the door running and didn’t stop until I left 8 hours later. That would explain why I am tired, out of sorts, whiny, and generally overwhelmed, even at the thought of doing my own work, which I love.
A few phone calls later and I was waiting on a return phone call, I figured, I will just pick up Adobe’s Browse and see what images speak to me.
Well, Spanish Moss spoke to me, growing along a limb of a live oak that was reaching towards the light of the marsh, something like this:

Spanish Moss on Live Oak Limb, Skidaway, Savannah, by Beth Thompson

Next the marsh itself caught my eye:

Moody Sky over Marsh, Skidaway, Savannah, by Beth Thompson

Neither image seemed quite like the one I was looking to work with however, so I kept digging though my files, and finally settled on this:

Spanish Moss, Sun shining through, Skidaway, Savannah by Beth Thompson

More Spanish moss growing on a live oak, but with much more dramatic lighting. Working on and off all day I managed to create a Possible Perception of Spanish moss, and it goes something like this:

Possible Perception 6019: Spanish Moss Perception by Beth Thompson

For a more detailed view of this most awesome Spanish Moss Perception, I suggest you click on the image. I know I am tooting my own horn here, but the magic of these images is that even I don’t quite know what the end result will be until I complete the image, and every time I complete one I am completely (no pun intended) amazed and astounded. It keeps it fresh and real and keeps me coming back to the design again and again.

This one is dedicated to Helen, you know who you are, and  you know why (or at least you can guess).



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