Sea Shell Mounds: Beth’s Travels on the Bartram Trail #3

Take a moment to listen to my reading aloud of William Bartram’s Words, from William Bartram’s Travels.

Look and Listen:


On reading this passage, I knew immediately where to find mounds of sea shells left by early inhabitants of the coastal isles. My grandparents place! Skidaway Island!

Sea Shell Beds by Beth ThompsonSea Shell Beds by Beth Thompson

On the way to the sea shell mounds I passed Juniperus Americana:

Juniperus Americana by Beth Thompson

Juniperus Americana by Beth Thompson

Juniperus has been the subject of one of my signature pieces: Cedar on the Marsh.

Cedar on the Marsh by Beth Thompson

I also walked beneath the majestic Corypha Palma:

Corypha Palma by Beth Thompson

I took a close-up of a young palm:

Corypha Palma Close Up by Beth Thompson

And finally reached the sea shell mounds, where live oaks (Quercus simpervirens) flourished:

Beth Thompson Photographing Sea Shell Mounds by Glenda Goss

I took several pictures of the sea shell mounds, beneath Quercus simpervirens….

Arm of Live Oak by Beth Thompson
Sea Shell Beds by Beth ThompsonSea Shell Mounds by Beth Thompson
Shell Mound with Limb by Beth ThompsonShell Mound with Limb

Out of this last image I created another Possible Place:

Possible Place 6024: Osyter Shell Mound by Beth Thompson

Possible Place 6024 by Beth Thompson
*Opening by Trip Shakespeare, from song “The Slacks”

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