Spicy Groves: Beth’s Travels on the Bartram Trail #9

Take a moment to listen to my reading aloud of William Bartram’s Words, from William Bartram’s Travels.

First, a couple of readings from William’s Travels:




Jasmine and Sky by Beth Thompson

Jasmine…ahh.. Sweet Jasmine…

There are many things I can transmit over the internet. Words, ideas, theories. Adventures. Stories. Pictures, Visual Fine Art. And my Voice, reading William’s words from the 1700’s to you. Songs. I can even transmit video, photography in motion. But those most primal senses, taste, touch, sadly I cannot bottle up and send to you. The scent of jasmine in full blossom on a warm humid evening you will simply have to travel to the jasmine to smell.

Bees Drinking Nectar by Beth Thompson

Instead of Hummingbirds hovering…

The jasmine on my back patio was teaming with bumblebees and honey bees. I haven’t seen any hummingbirds tasting its nectar, perhaps between me and the dog Luna they have found a safer source.

Jasmine Sunset by Beth Thompson

Expanding Beauty…

I got the jasmine pictures just right, the night after I photographed them, a violent storm blew through the neighborhood and knocked most of the blossoms off the vine onto the ground. A few remained, and finding myself home at sunset, I grabbed my camera for a few last shots before the blossoms are gone for the year.

Another way of looking…Jasmine Possible Perception 6034 by Beth Thompson

Jasmine Possible Perception 6034 by Beth Thompson

I leave you with this: as Jennifer from Inspired Home Office says: “Take a minute to soak in the bliss.”

*Introductory stanza from “The Slacks” by Trip Shakespeare.

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2 Responses to Spicy Groves: Beth’s Travels on the Bartram Trail #9

  1. So glad you got jasmine pictures before the storm. Still, I really like Jasmine Sunset. I was excited to see the bees on the jasmine, and the Jasmine and Sky picture is lovely, but I think Jasmine Sunset is my favorite. I think the Jasmine Possible Perception would make a beautiful fabric design, or even wrapping paper design. What a beautiful tablecloth it would make.

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