Attentive to the Divine Monitor Within: Beth’s Travels on the Bartram Trail # 14

Take a moment to listen to my reading aloud of William Bartram’s Words, from William Bartram’s Travels.

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Take a moment out of your day and listen to Bartram’s Travels, from Part II, Chapter I.


Fort Frederica Black and White by Beth Thompson

Fort Frederica Black and White by Beth Thompson


Bartram begins his commentary on traveling to Fort Frederica remarking “We are, all of us, subject to crosses and disappointments…” and certainly, the week of my journey to Saint Simmons Island, I was subject to crosses and disappointments. In fact, a situation arose, and I took action, and then fell to berating myself for the action I took. I carried that cross with me down South.

Giving it to the sea…

I first traveled with that cross to Jekyll, where I walked on the beach, still berating myself, and I tried to turn the whole thing over to the gentle waves of the ocean.

Giving it to the wind…

Next I visited Fort Frederica, located on the river and marshes. A storm was blowing up, and the wind was strong and steady, so I gave my troubles to the wind, imagining them being blown away.

Wind Off River 435 by Beth Thompson

Wind Off River 435 by Beth Thompson

There’s a first time for everything…

On my way back up to Savannah, after leaving the wind and the sea behind, it hit me. That particular situation I had been in was totally new to me, I had never experienced it before. And, in realizing that, I also realized I did the best I could at the time, and that my best was actually pretty good. And not only that, I was even willing to look at myself and ask what I could’ve done better.

I became attentive to the Divine Monitor Within…

that William Bartram speaks of. And thanks so much to Bartram, because without him, I would never have traveled to the sea, nor to the wind at Fort Frederica, and had I not, it might have taken me much longer to listen to the Divine Monitor….

Orange Tree at Fort Frederica 372 by Beth Thompson

Orange Tree at Fort Frederica 372 by Beth Thompson

Fort Frederica: A Possible Perception

I leave you with this perception of Fort Frederica, now a historical monument and no longer a town, flourishing or otherwise. Around it, all of Saint Simmons flourishes, but Frederica quietly sits, bearing oranges.

Fort Frederica: Possible Perception 6037 by Beth Thompson

Fort Frederica: Possible Perception 6037 by Beth Thompson

*Opening stanza from “The Slacks” by Trip Shakespeare.

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