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Banana Tree Possible Perception 6055 by Beth Thompson

Banana Tree Possible Perception 6055 by Beth Thompson Click on the Image to view Larger or to Order Prints.

I have also completed an Artist’s Statement regarding the Possible Perceptions Series.  It is available in the Possible Perceptions Gallery, but I am also republishing it here:

Possible Perceptions Artist’s Statement

Possible Perceptions convey a sense of awe, wonder and transcendence. The fine details of a piece remain a mystery until its completion. The process of creating Possible Perceptions allows me to become a channel for the Divine, a tool to express infinite beauty and love. Possible Perceptions push against the boundaries of every day human perception, broadening and expanding human apprehension; thus bringing into awareness not only new possibilities of perception, but by extension new possibilities of human ability and capacity. In this way, Possible Perceptions may change the world, one viewer at a time. Beginning with a solitary and personal act of co-creation, the work is to make the unperceivable, perceivable, the impossible, possible.

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