The Journey to Augusta: Beth’s Travels on the Bartram Trail 44

Take a moment to listen to Bartram’s description of his Journey to Augusta:


Love Locks on the Savannah River

Love Locks on the Savannah River

A Massive Lake with Rain Predicted…

Rick and I set off for a weekend in Augusta, with rain predicted. We took his camper and found a beautiful campsite right on a massive lake, about 40 minutes outside of Augusta at Mistletoe State Park.  The first day we spent setting up camp and cooking dinner.


Rain on the Lake

Cataracts Ahead!

Saturday morning we took off for the Savannah Cataracts Park in North Augusta. To my dismay, things had changed a bit since Bartram wrote about the 4 to 5 foot falls. A dam was in place at the head of the cataracts, and between the mainland and the river there was a canal, so the river’s edge was actually along an island.

Crossing over at the head of the canal, Rick and I saw a sign that he and I at least were on the right track, a series of locks about a metal fence with lover’s names scratched into them. We didn’t have a lock of our own to leave, but having each other, I didn’t feel we needed to leave one.


Savannah River Cataracts

Occasional Break in the Brush…

With the rain threatening, we took a slow stroll down the island, between the river and the canal, slow because I kept stopping to take pictures. Often the riverside was steep and covered with trees and impenetrable vines and brush, completely obscuring the river and its cataracts. Every now and then there would be a break in the brush, and I would clamor down in my inappropriate shoes to get a shot of the river.


Tree Overhanging the Savannah

It was on one of these visits that Rick found the Appleseed bugs, a favorite insect of mine since childhood. Playing in the creeks of Greene County on my father’s farm in Penfield, I would capture these shiny black creatures, so resembling apple seeds, and shake them up in my hands, to be rewarded with the sweet scent of apples. Rick discovered a whole family reunion of Appleseed bugs, swarming in still water close to the bank. I photographed them at relative rest, and then had Rick jump on a floating dock, which shook the anchor chain right beside the Appleseed bugs, and then photographed them moving in high gear.


The Scent of Apples….


Appleseed Bugs in High Gear

Savannah Cataracts Possible Perception

I took the following picture on another treacherous descent to the river, with the spring leaves just out on this young tree, and the ripples in the water caused by the famous cataracts of the Savannah. Working with the image I created a Possible Perception from it, Savannah Cataracts Possible Perception.


The Photograph


Savannah Cataracts Possible Perception

Savannah Cataracts Possible Perception

The Metropolis Of Georgia!

But what about Augusta? The very metropolis of Georgia itself? The afternoon brought us to the city, and it brought the rain. We took a wet walk along the South Carolina side of the city, finding a wetland pond, and then driving to get closer to the river. It was here, on the South Carolina side, that I could really see this fine, navigable river, the one capable of supporting ships up to thirty tons. However, no ships were in sight, only pleasure boat docks, all the people being safe and dry indoors on this rainy Saturday. The riverside was quiet and peaceful in the rain, and the water silky in my camera lens, peppered with raindrops.


Deep and Wide, Peppered with Raindrops

The River Walk

Crossing back over, Rick and I had an early dinner and then climbed down the river walk in Augusta proper. From the top I was able to see the skyline of Augusta, this Georgia Metropolis, and photograph it. Cars are now the main mode of transportation in Augusta, the river lay silent and still in the soft rain.


River Walk

Below is the Possible Perception of Bartram’s Metropolis of Georgia, his prophecy from long before the crossing of railroads in Atlanta was conceived.

The Photograph

The Photograph

Possible Perception of the Metropolis of Georgia

Possible Perception of the Metropolis of Georgia

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