Musings on the Bradford Pear

Are All One?

In this image of a Bradford Pear Tree in blossom, we do not see the frothy white blossoms as being separate from the black silhouettes of the branches against the blue sky. All are part of the same tree. All are part of the same Earth. Why is it so easy to see that the black branches, the white flowers, and blue sky are parts of a greater whole, and yet still so difficult for our society and its power structures to look past the color of someone’s skin?

Bradford Pear Tree in Blossom

Bradford Pear Tree in Blossom

A Creatrix…

As a creatrix I use the tools I have available to create Possible Perceptions. What are they? Are they a photograph because each one is deeply rooted in the photographic medium? Or does the Possible Perception transcend the simple mechanics of shutter speed and f-stop? Certainly the tool I use in its creation does! Or do simple ones and zeros truly surpass an exact replica of what is in front of a camera when I click the shutter button?

It is my chosen subject matter—Earth—that transcends, not the process.

And so it is for me, in my final analysis, Art. Possible Perceptions are my art. Or are they really mine? Perhaps the black branches bearing green and white blossoms against a blue sky are not separate from the words used to define, control, pigeonhole, analyze, and figure out what black, white, green and blue mean within the societal context that define my seasons and my whereabouts as a creatrix the Southeastern United States.

Bradford Pear Possible Perception by Beth Thompson

Bradford Pear Possible Perception by Beth Thompson

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