Ocean Bound Talk

In support of the exhibit Ocean Bound I have prepared a talk about water, and put it to video. In addition, I have created a series of 16 notecards encapsulating the exhibit, called Ocean Bound in Miniature. Please enjoy:

My exhibition of works describing the waters of Bartram, from clouds over Scaly Mountain to “billows of the ocean” on Jekyll Island, will be on view until November 27th.

Ocean Bound Exhibit is located at the Foyer Gallery of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Athens, 780 Timothy Rd, Athens GA 30606.

 Ocean Bound in Miniature:


Design for Dry Falls in miniature notecard

Design for Dry Falls in Miniature

  • 16 Unique Ocean Bound Notecards
  • A2 envelope-sized (5.5″ x 4.25″ notecards)
  • Possible Perceptions on the front
  • Original photograph, quote, and title on back
  • Blank inside, allowing personalization
  • $47

Only $47 for 16 cards including tax, shipping, and handling!  This works out to $2.63 a notecard. Please check your local notecard seller’s prices if you think $47 is high! Its a bargain, and very few folks will be sending out these exclusive notecards this season.

Ocean Bound notecards are not linked to any particular holiday or event, thus you can use them for get well, sympathy, birthday, seasons greetings, and just because I love you. Ocean Bound in miniature will be available for a limited time.

Design for Daughters of the Sun in Miniature

Design for Daughters of the Sun in Miniature

If you choose to acquire Ocean Bound in miniature, please know you have my deepest gratitude. Also know you are supporting a basic human right, the right to culture and art.

Because I believe that art can change the world, that using my gifts to make the world more beautiful because I have lived here on Earth is the best use of my time and energy here, you have my deepest gratitude.

Design for Savannah in Miniature

Design for Savannah in Miniature

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