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Wild Azalea: Beth’s Travels on the Bartram Trail 25

Take a moment to listen to my reading aloud of William Bartram’s Words, from William Bartram’s Travels. Hills set aflame…Bartram’s description of native Azalea in bloom: * Shade gardening as a child… As a child, I grew azaleas in the … Continue reading

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AthFest 2012 Report

Note: This post first went up on July 4th, 2012. Before it had been public 12 hours, it completely disappeared from my blog, without even my draft remaining online. I don’t know what happened, but I do know this: My … Continue reading

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ACP Portfolio Images

Thank You!      Thank You!      Thank You! To everyone who put in their 2 cents, I went with some of your likes for the edit. Most notably was the Charleston Bridge Kaleidoscope. I wasn’t even considering including it. But … Continue reading

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Walk Information

ACP Portfolio Walk Saturday, October 1st 6 pm to 8 pm Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center 2nd Floor 800 Spring Street NW Atlanta, GA 30308 p: (404) 347-0944 Featuring my Kaleidoscope Series! Simply click the Fall Kaleidoscope below to … Continue reading

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Fall Kaleidoscopes

I wanted a fall kaleidoscope, but the first one lacked depth and interest when seen from afar. Too subtle, I  had to get up close and personal before depth and interest began to happen. So Enter in this image, I … Continue reading

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