Beth’s Travels on the William Bartram Trail!

A Gallery of Beth’s landscape pictures taken as she retraces William Bartram’s Steps across the Southeast.

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Spanish Moss on Vines and Live Oak # 325 by Beth Thompson

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Possible Perceptions Gallery!

A gallery of images in Beth’s latest technique, creating a kaleidoscope out of a single image stitched together.

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Possible Place 6003 by Beth Thompson

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Kaleidoscopes Gallery!

Beth’s Original Concept for a Kaleidoscopic Image, collaged together out of similar images, are still available for viewing and ordering in The Kaleidoscope Gallery.

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Rock Shoals Kaleidoscope Photo by Beth Thompson

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The Ever Popular Fractals Galleries!

For Beth, creating a Fractal Photograph is as simple as a sketch for a painter, but the results can be absolutely stunning. Available as a small print, or on 30-inch canvas.

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Blackberry Bud Fractal Photo by Beth Thompson

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Never Forgotten…

The Thompson Tarot Galleries!

Although the Tarot Deck has been on the back-burner while I Travel the William Bartram Trail and share my musings on William Bartram’s Travels in my blog, I have not forgotten the tarot. I have many plans for completing the deck. Images that are complete are available in sizes up to 16 x 20.

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High Priestess Thompson Tarot by Beth Thompson

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For me…

Affirmations Gallery!

Perhaps my most personal work, I began creating Affirmations out of my images to change the energy at my day-job. I continue to come back to the idea, and when I complete a new affirmation image I add it to the Affirmations Gallery.

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