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Possible Perceptions Artist’s Statement

I am presenting to you a series I have been developing called Possible Perceptions. I call them Possible Perceptions for many reasons. One is that the images are of the world, but not in the way we usually see the world. Yet, through my art, it’s possible to see the world in this way.

Possible Perceptions borrows from systems theory, in which a few simple rules of composition create complex shapes and forms. In my Possible Perceptions images, I begin digitally photographing of nature.  I take a single triangular shape from my edited photography, and piece that triangle together with itself in Adobe Photoshop. Like a quilter would create a kaleidoscopic quilt.

The resulting images show the original photograph, the microcosm and the macrocosm.  Viewers compare the work to microscopic diatoms in the water. People also see galaxies and solar systems emerging from my Possible Perceptions. In this way my Possible Perceptions are visual representations of systems, from the microscopic elements that create the environment originally photographed to the galaxy containing the environment.

(Note: The name and conceptions above for Possible Perceptions was in part inspired by writer Jean Houston‘s book: The Possible Human.)

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