I’ve simplified AND lowered the acquisition amounts of my work!

Gallery-wrapped Canvas and Framed, Matted, Baryta Prints: $0.50/ square inch

 Some estimates for a feel…not including shipping and delivery costs…

12 x 12 inch                                                                   $72

24 x 24  inch                                                                 $200

35 x 35 inch (canvas only)                                         $612

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24” Fiber Based Prints, Unframed:                      $0.25 / square inch

Fiber paper, an acid free,  baryta paper, made without the whiteners so common in inkjet printers today. While a paper with a whitener may degrade the whites over time, a baryta paper’s whites should stand the test of time.  Printed with giclee UV protected inks. The paper has a satin finish. These prints should last 70 to 100 years before fading, if properly cared for.

Some sizes and acquisition amounts, before shipping and delivery:

8 x 10 inch unframed fiber based prints                                  $20

16 x 20 inch unframed fiber based prints                               $80

24 x 24 inch unframed fiber based prints                              $144

Contact me with your selection:

Call Me: 706-425-8612

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